Simons Service Inc.


  •   Your vehicle is probably your second largest investment
  •   Safety for you and your family
  •   To maintain your manufacturers' warranty
  •   To extend the life of your vehicle
  •   To avoid unnecessary and costly repairs due to neglect
  •   To preserve the resale value of your vehicle
  •   85% of automobile breakdowns occur from lack of


  Simons, Your Dealership Alternative

 At first, I was unsure if I could take my new car to an independent auto repair shop.     

  I wondered if I would void my manufacturers' warranty if I went anywhere other than

  the dealership.

   Now that I know about the Magnuson-Moss Act, I go to Simons for all my maintenance

  and repairs. By Federal Law, any certified auto repair shop can

  perform maintenance and  repairs on your vehicle without

  voiding your warranty. You have the freedom and right to        

  choose where to take your car. Except for recalls and  

  factory warranty work, you never have to go back to the

  dealership ( including manufacturers' scheduled maintenance ).


  Reasons to Choose Simons Service Over Dealerships:

  •    A.S.E. Blue Seal Certified Shop (Highest Certification Awarded)
  •    Simons saves you an average of 35% on maintenance and repairs ( Much less over-head )
  •    We only use parts and fluids that meet or exceed the manufacturers' specification
  •    State of the art diagnostic and programing equipment
  •    Your vehicle records are available on line for your viewing or a hard copy is available by request
  •    We  get you and your car in and out faster and easier
  •    Meet and get to know your auto technician
  •    Our Service Manager alerts you to scheduled maintenance that is due, as well as Technical Services
        Bulletins  ( T.S.B.)    
  •    We have on-line access to the latest information from the manufacturers regarding safety and mechanical  

       problems for your specific model, make and year of vehicle

  •    We have been serving our community since 1954
  •    Our Service Manager has over 35 years experience and always puts your needs first
  •    At Simons, you are not just a number but a valued customer and a life long friend



     Why Follow Your Auto Maintenance Schedule ?